High Pressure Cleaning

The JoJo Clean staff has years of experience with high-pressure cleaning and surface repair. Cleaning outside areas such as sidewalks and walls can be a real pain. It is impossible to remove stuff that has been accumulated over time by using a simple sponge and a bucket of water.

Not to mention the risk of damaging external paint and coatings if you don’t have the accurate information, supplies, equipment, or skills. That’s where JoJo Clean team of experts comes in. Our Australia-based cleaning company excels at providing consumers with the best cleaning options, such as jetting, blasting, stain removal, and high-pressure cleaning.

We provide customized solutions for all of your high-pressure cleaning services, so you can be assured that your space will be cleaner and happier once we’re finished.  You will not only substantially improve the appearance and profitability of your property, but you will also be able to provide a brighter, cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for your guests, employees, and clients with our professional high-pressure cleaning services.



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