Price Depends on Size

Our usual wage for General House Carpet Cleaning in Australia is $39.99. The price of the services mostly depends on the size and state of your property. The size, locality, and condition of your house or workplace will affect the price of the carpet cleaning services. The pricing of a property maintenance signal depends on the scope of the cleaning task and any other special services required.

 $0 Call Out Fee (T&C Applied)

Since there are no unpleasant surprises, we adapt a solution to your demands and settle on a price before we begin working. You can now make quick call-outs with no hidden costs. JoJo Clean offers professional and quality cleaning services with honest and fair prices without any additional fee. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we do everything we can to avoid disappointing you.

We charge a $0 call-out fee within CBD surroundings under a radius of 10km. For services between 10-50km, we charge a $25 call out fee, and if the service radius exceeds 50km, we charge $1 per km. JoJo Clean holds a safe and insured business policy, which directly satisfies our customers to rely on our cleaning services before choosing us. We provide 100% assurance to our customers for any sort of damages if found (T&C Applied)

Premium Carpet Cleaning in Australia

You get complete transparency with JoJo Clean, so you know precisely how much you’ll be paying upfront. When you book our dependable, affordable, and vetted house cleaning specialists for Carpet Cleaning, you’ll discover that you can maintain your property in order without busting the budget. Cleaners found on JoJo clean network will learn about your property, your preferences, and your needs over time. They will change to fit your needs when you ask JoJo Clean to assist you in locating cost-effective cleaning service providers.

 Call Us for Better Quotations

We take pleasure in our excellent reputation, years of professional experience, ongoing training, and cutting-edge equipment that we employ to maintain your house or business clean, appealing, and safe. Our fully qualified and uniformed personnel will show up on time and do the task to your great satisfaction. We have very reasonable charges, so call JoJo Clean today for a free quote and a cleaning like you’ve never seen before.

Don’t Stress. We’ll handle the mess!



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