Agitate cleaning or agitation is the cleaning method whereby the soil stuck inside the upholstery, or the carpet is loosened. This also applies to the particles that are already clinging onto the surface of the carpet before it is cleaned. Agitation makes it easier for the carpet to get the soil or dirt that is inside it in excess, to be removed without any hassle. Moreover, this cleans the dirt particles that are missed during conduction of normal cleaning otherwise. JoJo Clean provides the agitate method of cleaning in their professional carpet cleaning services in Australia. This is for every client that is facing acute issues in getting their carpet cleaned because the dirt or soil trapped inside has become stubborn to be extracted or it has become hard enough that they are unable to clean it themselves. With the clock ticking every minute, these particles just become hard to remove which can cause trouble in the longer run. Hence, agitate before it is too late!



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