Car General Wash

General Wash involves the cleansing of your car both the inside and the outside. In other words, you are generally getting the exterior as well as the interior of your car clean.

JoJo Clean professional car cleaners make sure that every month is the car care month for its clients! That on every wash, the car of their clients is protected from the unwanted exposure of the environmental elements that pollute the air and subsequently, one’s car as well. These environmental elements can involve dirt, moisture, bugs trapped inside the air filters, excreted waste of the birds etc. Such material can easily build up in weeks if not washed and if the car is taken to the car care service at the end of the month, colossal amounts of these elements can get built up.

General Washing undertakes the guarantee that your care is under the routine attention that is required to keep the exterior and the interior of your car flawless and preserved. Only the correct products for the care of your car other than wax are used to make sure that this washing technique not only cleans your car but avoids any marks and scratches that have the possibility to appear on your car because of rigid cleaning.



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