Money Back Guarantee

Our services are our most trusted asset, and this is a concluded fact proven through the positive feedback of our clients on our website.

Even though this is a credible feature and quality of JoJo Clean, things can go wrong sometimes. No matter how much reassurance we can give you about our cleaning services in Melbourne, JoJo Clean always backs you up with a money-back guarantee. In other words, JoJo Clean offers you a satisfaction guarantee in case you were not convinced by our services. Jojo Clean includes it in its terms and conditions to cater to the obligations and duties it is bound to do, but if there is a chance that they were not fulfilled, we include this in a clean and specific context that you will be assisted accordingly. For this, you need to qualify for the refund and testify if you were really affected by the lacuna (if any) in our services and also assert in what manner it affected you. Our team will approve your request for the money-back guarantee and return the money that you utilized for availing our services.

JoJo Clean has always taken pride in providing its cleaning services since its inception. Only the best and most professionally trained cleaners are hired here at JoJo Clean. They go through different training programs to help under the different situations a client may put us into or any other related accuring circumstances. You name it! Our team is well-acquainted with your needs and the instruction that you have provided them. We undertake the promise to fulfill every prerequisite to get your fullest satisfaction. Jojo Clean does not give the chance to its clients to complain about their services, given the fact that the cleaning job done by its workers is done very smoothly.



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