99.9% of the germs are eliminated through Sanitization and for maintaining a clean and hygienic home, it is not possible that you are keeping a dirty and smelly carpet at your place. Through sanitization, the germs and bacteria present in the upholstery, or the carpet are disinfected. With the professional carpet cleaning services offered by JoJo Clean, only the best expert-level carpet cleaning methods are applied. Not only that sanitization is done, but also the carpet is first deodorised. What deodorization does is it wipes off all the bad odours away from the carpet and with sanitization coupled with it, it can offer the disinfection of bacteria 100%, allowing no infecting particles to stay in your carpet. With the sanitising and deodorising formula combined, the unhealthy bacteria are dissolved and entrapped inside the mixture and then ultimately removed. So, any illness or allergies are to be taken care of because now even the 0.1% germ is being prevented from staying. For the fullest maintenance of one’s carpet, it is crucial to follow up deodorization with sanitization.



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