What is scarier than movies? That’s right! A stubborn stain on your carpet cleaning. Acting fast and knowing what to do will be the key to saving expensive rugs and will give you a sense of satisfaction as well. In addition, this also adds a sense of responsibility for getting rid of even the most stubborn stains on your carpet. You can try several home remedies for carpet stains or clean them naturally, which will be incredibly efficient surprisingly.

Starting from the basics when you can, and you have to:

  1. You are supposed to start working from the outside towards the center of the stained area.
  2. Avoid scrubbing the carpet in a belligerent manner and be gentle. This carpet cleaning method will Just embed the stain deeply into the carpet’s fibers, making removal nearly hard
  3. Instead of scrubbing down the carpet, soaking it up by pressing down the cloth to extract liquid should be preferred. Certainly, it is the best possible and it should be used instead of running the cleaning cloth back and forth.
  4. Gentle brushing in the same direction removes dirt particles to the fullest in most cases and is excellent for really stubborn stains.
  5. Any cleaner that contains bleach in it should never be used on carpet stains. Although the spots dissolve once you use it, such agents lead to discolouration of your carpet.
  6. To apply the cleaning solution, the best practice to perform is to use a white fabric or white towel. This is preferable for shiny surfaces that have low friction.
  7. Paper towels and cornstarch are the best options for removing excess moisture. Moisture can get attracted onto the surface of your carpet, but if it is too much, try this simple hack for a quick cleanup.

Some of the best home remedies for carpet stains are simple and inexpensive. Also, they are easy to perform and safe as well, so you do not have to get anxious at the back of your mind each time you intend to keep your carpet clean naturally. The following ways are specially formulated to protect the fibers and get rid of even the oldest and most stubborn carpet stains:



The steps below can save your carpet the next time you are binging on a movie, and you drop your food or drink on the carpet:

  1. Take a bucket of homemade solution that is a mixture of water and detergent. Dip a white cloth into the homemade detergent solution for synthetic carpets and dab repeatedly. Provided that the cloth should not be imprinted or have details or designs on it.
  2. The next step is placing the cloth on the spot where the stain is and then pressing the cloth till the solution oozes out for a few seconds.
  3. Soak up the excessive liquid with a white cloth after a time period of 15 mins has passed.
  4. For synthetic carpets and dab, frequently dip the cloth into the vinegar solution, and put a firm grip on the cloth that is put on top of the spot for a few seconds in order to absorb the stain properly.
  5. Wait another 15 minutes. It’s critical to follow as white vinegar removes residual detergent, which indirectly attracts dirt particles if it is left on your carpet. Hence, we must wait to avoid any concern related to the accumulation of dirt.
  6. Clean by absorbing with a cloth dipped in lukewarm water.
  7. To ensure the carpet completely dries, wait for an hour. For rigid stains caused by bad spills, apply a thick white paper towel on the stain and apply the glass baking dish for 15 minutes.

These steps are quick and easy to follow. Therefore, do not hesitate and quickly look for a change. It’s better to repeat the above mentioned steps in order to see a better carpet cleaning outcome.


Oil stains are the king of stubborn demeanor when it comes to stains. Whether it be a dab of your beef sandwich sauce or the oil stain from any other source, the following are steps are what you should follow:

  1. Put a compact amount of solvent on a white cloth, and then soak it up.
  2. Spray the stain with a detergent solution, then blot it with a dry white cloth.
  3. Apply the spray on the stain with lukewarm water, then try to soak it up with another dry white cloth.
  4. At least wait for an hour until the carpet completely dries. Repeat these methods if the stain becomes lighter until it disappears


If water accumulates somewhere, mud is attracted and chances are if you have walked on mud on a rainy day and come back home, there is a 90% chance you have made your carpet muddy too. What should you do? Here, do these:

  1. Suck in any remaining dirt particles with Vacuum.
  2. For natural fiber carpets, apply the detergent solvent spray or vinegar solution on the stains, then try to absorb it with a dry white cloth.
  3. Repeat the process of spot carpet cleaning with the detergent solution, then soak it up with a dry white cloth.
  4. Spray the stain with lukewarm water, then soak it up with a dry white cloth.



Yummy from the looks, but hard to remove. But worry less! We have got you covered:

  1. For natural fiber carpets, apply the detergent/ammonia/vinegar solution, then absorb the liquid with a dry white cloth.
  2. Repeat the process with your preferred detergent solution, then try to absorb it up with a dry white cloth.
  3. Spray the stain with water, then blot it with a dry white cloth.


Mayonnaise is a good spread for the sandwiches but surely not your carpet! Here is what to do if your carpet gets stained with Mayonnaise:

  1. For natural fiber carpets, apply the spray on the stain with a detergent solution and absorb it up with a dry white cloth.
  2. For natural fiber carpets, apply the spray on the stain with an ammonia solution and absorb it up with a dry white cloth.
  3. Spray the stain with vinegar solution for natural fiber carpets, then blot it with a dry white cloth.
  4. Repeat the process with detergent solution and soak up the wet carpet field with a dry white cloth.


Education is important, but cleanliness is next to Godliness. Although it is quite difficult to erase the ink spots from your carpet, you can make it look good by following the below mentioned process:

  1. Place a tiny solvent amount on a white cloth, and then absorb it.
  2. Wait for at least 15 minutes to dry.
  3. Clean it up with a cloth dipped in lukewarm water. Redo the above mentioned guidelines if in any case you feel like your carpet needs another go.


  1. Place a minor amount of solvent on a white cloth and then absorb it on the carpet surface.
  2. Wait 15 minutes to dry.
  3. Dip a white cloth into the detergent solution and dab repeatedly, then press the cloth on

the spot for a while until you start seeing preliminary results.



Dishwashing liquid is great for getting rid of greasy carpet stains. Choose a clear liquid detergent because the colouring used in some varieties could stain the carpet. Fill a spray bottle with diluted solution and some warm water, half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to one cup of water is a decent and significant ratio. The carpet stain should be gently scrubbed with a sponge dipped in the carpet cleaning solution. Rinse with paper towels, then let the carpet air-dry. To remove any residue, properly vacuum and disinfect the area.


The next time you drink club soda, intend to save one for later too, and we will tell you why that is so. Club soda has the potential to be a great option for water-soluble stains. Club soda should be used to damp a White cloth to remove stains from carpet. You may remove all of the stains from carpet fiber by repeatedly soaking the cloth in club soda. certain that the carpet has been completely dried when you are done. Moisture stuck inside the fiber will result in an unpleasant odour because it will create good conditions for mold and mildew.



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